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Steps Against Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord which make up the central nervous system and affects a large amount of people around the world. The exact cause of MS is unknown, but something triggers the immune system to attack the brain and spinal cord. This results to damage to the myelin in and the brain the brain, the protective layer insulating wire-like nerve fibers, disrupts signals to and from the brain. This interruption of communication signals causes unpredictable symptoms such as numbness, tingling, mood changes, memory problems, pain, fatigue, blindness and/or paralysis. Everyone’s experience with MS is different and these losses may be temporary or long lasting even after a cure is discovered.


The #StepsAgainstMS challenge starts every Oct 1st of every year and ends March 1st the beginning of MS Awareness month.  

Please read all the info in it's entirety, you will find the steps form and intruction on how to submit your steps every week. There are multiple ways you can make donation to our cause off side from submitting steps that allows us to support other MS Patients financially by clicking the link to purchase an ICBMS Trusted Partner merch (All proceeds goes towards the fundraising) and/or our GoFundMe Fundraiser section below. ICanBeatMS #StepsAgainst MS fundraiser will be used to purchase $100 Visa gift cards to donate throughout the year to MS patients in need.

If you know of any MSWarriors that would be a great candidate for the drawing to win the $100 Visa/Mastercard gift card. Please click this link: Visa/Mastercard Giveaway and share this site page so they fill out the form.


We would appreciate if could share this webpage with friends and family alike so we can not only bring awareness to Multiple Sclerosis.  Together we can find many ways to helps those fighting this long and hard battle against MS.

Other Donate options:

Cash at our random Pop up site

CashApp: $treatsnsweetsllc

Venmo: @treatsnsweetsllc



#StepsAgainstMS 2022 steps form

Thanks for submitting!



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